site survey for garden designers

The starting point for any garden plan is the site survey and it's accuracy is fundamental in providing meaningful technical drawings for the realisation of the garden.

Garden designers may find the techniques involved difficult to understand and the process a challenge to undertake in typical outdoor conditions.

Some designers may choose to employ professional surveyors to undertake this work for them, for all projects or perhaps just the larger or more demanding sites.

We believe this is a mistake; the survey time is also valuable in understanding the garden site in greater detail than would be the case if you rely on a brief visit and a contracted survey. The ability to undertake this work enhances your standing with the client and is a further earning opportunity.

Working with Colin Elliott, an experienced professional garden designer, to help you every step of the way, you will be guided through the techniques, equipment and skills to an understanding of the subject. Lessons are practical and intended to teach you what you need to know so that you can use these skills when you return home. Your art and your business may never be the same again!

As we only work in small groups, training can be adapted based on the experience and interests of each student.

We will explain discuss and practise using the tools and techniques available to garden designers in a series of modules over two days including:

Getting organised – in the office and in the field
The sketch plan and site analysis
Internet and other resources
Photographic record taking
Measuring equipment options - manual and electronic
Measuring techniques including triangulation and offsetting
Measuring buildings and features to note
Boundaries and their relationship to the buildings
Site survey, setting out and other plans – CAD advantages
Soil survey
Cables pipes and other utilities
Levels, heights and orientation
Plant inventory and other existing garden features
Printing and presentation – scales, dimensions, text and hardware

By the end of this productive and informative course you will have a much clearer understanding of the survey process and how this can be adapted to suit your own business.

This residential course includes full board accommodation over two days (3 nights).

Course cost: £895 (paid in advance)

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Accommodation cost: £290 (paid on arrival)

Arrival: Tuesday pm       Leave: Friday am

Dates:   from May - Oct 2016

(other course dates available by request - maximum two students)


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