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We are delighted to offer this 100 hour, intensive course on organic gardening. This will of interest to both amateur and the commercial growers concerned about the over-use of pesticides and other chemicals. There is an alternative way and public debate and concern is increasing rapidly, stimulating increased takeup by market gardenrs.

Organic growing has increased in popularity over the last ten years or so due to the increasing awareness of safety in the garden and on the farm. There is a desire to produce food that is free from chemical inputs even if that results in increased food costs.

For decades, farmers and growers have relied upon chemicals to control pests and diseases in order to produce crops for sale. Unfortunately it is only recently that we have become aware that many of those chemicals can sometimes cause health problems to humans, as well as long-term damage to the environment.

As public concern grows, these issues are becoming increasingly important. However the organic grower or gardener should understand that not all organic practices always guarantee a healthy environment. Over-cultivation, for example, can also lead to soil damage. Organic growing practices should aim to protect the quality of both the environment in which we live and the produce we grow in our gardens and on our farms.

We produce some of the best home study courses available, written and supported by garden professionals who understand their subject intimately. Experts from two continents have combined their knowledge to produce this course.

Organic: the healthy alternative.

  • Organic growing will avoid using undesirable chemicals or anything else that can contaminate the environment.
  • Organics uses manures, mulches and other organic materials that may otherwise have been waste - and that has to be healthier for the environment (and in turn healthier for all of us who share the environment

There are 10 lessons in this course:

  1. Introduction Gardening styles, basic organic procedures, etc.
  2. Plant Culture
  3. Understanding Soils
  4. Fertilizers and Plant Nutrition
  5. Soil Management
  6. Pests & Diseases
  7. Mulching
  8. Seeds - Collecting, storing & sowing
  9. Vegetable Growing
  10. Fruit Growing

Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the Academy, marked by our tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments and, if necessary, extra reading.

Working with Colin Elliott, a well known professional horticulturist who began his career in organic gardening forty years ago, this course could be your route to successful organic growing.

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