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The Garden Design Academy offers a huge range of gardening courses many of which have been designed specifically for the home gardener. Many more were written for professional gardeners, landscapers and horticulturists but are proving to be popular with the keen amateur.

We produce some of the best home study courses available, written and supported by garden professionals who understand their subject intimately.

Our courses have an international flavour, calling on the expertise of teams based both in Europe and Australia. This diversity and depth of experience inspires confidence in our students and results in courses which are second to none.

Working with Colin Elliott, ex-Royal Gardener and well known professional horticulturist, landscaper and garden designer, these courses are your route to successful gardening.

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Other courses of interest may be found throughout this web site. Combine a break in central France with a learning experience on one of our exciting residential courses: Design your own Garden, Feng Shui Garden Design or Loire Valley Garden Tours.

Short courses in the Plants section are also popular with amateur gardeners. Want to know more about lavender, grow bedding plants or train and cultivate bonsai? Refer to our Plant Courses section for these and many more.

Please ask if you are looking for something not listed here.



  • Flower borderFlower border
  • Compost makingCompost making
  • Rose gardenRose garden
  • Soft fruitSoft fruit
  • Butterfly bushButterfly bush