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Managing a garden centre is like running a department store without all the support. As horticultural retail outlets get larger, professional department heads make the task of a general manager easier, but these are still very complex businesses.

Designed originally in conjunction with a garden department manager of a major retail chain store, this course has been very successful in training both staff and managers of retail nurseries and garden centres across the world.

It is updated at least annually and continues to be used by companies from small nurseries through to major chain stores throughtout the UK and elsewhere.

This course from the Garden Design Academy aims to make sure your business is one of the successful ones. Here we have an incredibly informative program for anyone seeking to improve their ability to run or manage a garden centre.

Twelve lessons cover all aspects of indoor and outdoor plant care as well as stock selection and optimal plant display techniques. Graduates will also enhance their knowledge of typical garden centre products, marketing strategies, and how to get the most out of their staff.

As with all our courses, study papers are provided on a CD, in total involving approximately 100 hours of work. Each lesson ends with an assignment. These are sent to the Academy for marking and are returned to you with comments and suggestions.

You will be working with Colin Elliott, an experienced manager of garden centres and many other horticultural businesses.


Course content:

  1. Introduction: Plant classification, plant cultural requirements, soil and nutrition, watering requirements, drainage, temperature, light, humidity.
  2. Plant Health: How to diagnose a problem, pests, diseases, nutrient deficiencies, frost, sunburn, chemical damage, insufficient light, overwatering.
  3. Stock Maintenance: Quality standards, buying new stock, inspecting stock, extending stock life, disposing of below-standard stock, watering techniques, fertilising, pest and disease control.
  4. Display and Display Techniques: Display units, product location, sales area layout.
  5. Garden Product Knowledge I: Plant containers, tags, soil mixes, equipment, tools.
  6. Garden Product Knowledge II: Chemicals, fertilisers, baskets, terrariums, cut flowers.
  7. Indoor Plants: Major groups, common problems, plants for specific situations, customer attitudes.
  8. Container Stock: Trees and Shrubs.
  9. Seedlings, Bulbs, Herbs and Perennials.
  10. Deciduous Trees, Fruit, Nuts, Berries. Seed.
  11. Marketing: Pricing strategy, advertising, promotions.
  12. Management: Staff control, staff productivity, work scheduling.

This is an excellent course highlighting the importance of effective plant retailing while also providing training in general horticultural sales and marketing concepts.

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