landscaping III - styles

A natural progression from Landscaping I & II, but a self contained study unit in its own right, this 100 hour course looks at the principles, design features and landscape elements that make up a range of garden styles.

It explores gardens that can be found across the globe and the ways in which a garden designer can recreate gardens that reflect a particular style.

The art of gardening is diverse and gardens around the world will reflect respective cultures. The Chinese and Japanese have developed their own traditional style, as have the Europeans and Middle Eastern cultures. Over more recent times, modern styles of gardening have developed in Australia, America and even South America, to reflect the influences of culture, climate, art and fashion.

This is an outstanding course for even experienced landscape designers, honing skills in developing everything from the formal to the eclectic, and mediterranean to oriental gardens.

As with all our courses, study papers are provided on a CD. The course is divided into 10 lessons with an assignment set at the end of each. These are sent to the Academy for marking and are returned to you with comments and suggestions.

You will be working with Colin Elliott, an experienced professional landscaper and a garden designer since 1990.

Course structure:

  1. Creating the Mood
  2. Historic Gardens
  3. Formal Gardens
  4. Oriental Gardens
  5. Middle Eastern and Spanish Style
  6. Mediterranean Gardens
  7. Coastal Gardens
  8. Modern Gardens
  9. Eclectic Gardens
  10. Other Styles
Written and continually updated by an international team of landscape and design professionals, this course is an excellent motivator and source of inspiration.

Landscaping III - Course cost: £ 330

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  • Modern gardenModern garden
  • Chinese garden styleChinese garden style