landscaping I - Design

Landscape Design is a multifaceted skill. It allows you to take a vision or "feeling" and transform it into a workable plan. It isn't just making a place look nice, nor mass planting, but is also about suiting the landscape to the climate, land and setting that you have to work with.

An understanding of plants, soils, climate, and landscape construction materials are pivotal to the success of a good landscape design.

This course contains the most essential aspects of a full professional landscape design qualification, condensed into 100 hours. If you are only going to do one short course and you are really serious about garden design, this is ideal

Landscaping I contains the essential knowedge for budding garden designers and landscape gardeners alike. It will also be of interest to the home gardener and enthusiast. The course covers the history of garden design, principles of design, landscape detailing, and construction through to drawing techniques, plans and then encourages the student to design their own detailed landscape design. This is a wonderfully creative course

As with all our courses, study papers are provided on a CD, in total involving approximately 100 hours of work. The course is divided into 10 lessons with an assignment set at the end of each. These are sent to the Academy for marking and are returned to you with comments and suggestions.

You will be working with Colin Elliott, an experienced professional horticulturist and a garden designer since 1990.

Aims of this course :

  • Create visual effects through the use of different landscape design concepts.
  • Determine pre-planning information required to prepare a landscape design.
  • Determine an appropriate garden style for a landscape, to satisfy specifications for a design project.
  • Illustrate a landscape design through a plan, using legible graphic skills.
  • Determine different hard landscape features, including earthworks, surface treatments and furniture, to incorporate in a landscape.
  • Prepare planting designs for different landscapes.
  • Design different types of landscapes, including domestic gardens and public parks

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Course cost: £ 330.00 (single payment)

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