cad for garden designers

A distance learning programme based on our popular residential courses, with email and telephone support and a comprehensive handbook.

Professional garden designers are increasingly adopting CAD (Computer Aided Design) techniques in their work to improve efficiency, creativity and communication.

The techniques required to achieve these aims will require investment in time, money and tools but like so many things in life, the benifits of this effort can be considerable.

Working with Colin Elliott, an experienced professional garden designer, to help you every step of the way, you will be guided through the maze of software, hardware and skills to an understanding of what is possible. Your art and your business may never be the same again!

While many trainers offer courses in (and sell) specific software, we are interested in a number of technical and creative solutions which can usefully be applied to the task of designing gardens. We demonstrate these with a range of computers, printers and other hardware and assist you to get to grips with a selection of the many software programs available.

As we only work in small groups, training can be adapted based on the experience and interests of each student, but to get the best from this course some computer literacy is expected.

We will discuss and explain the tools and techniques available to garden designers in a series of modules throughout the week including:

What is Cad and what can it do for you – software types; hardware options;
Assessing your requirements – intended uses, budget and skills required;
Getting organised – in the studio and in the field;
Precision 2D drafting – making the software work for you
Creating 3D from your 2D drawings – drafting in 3D
Other 3D design options – modelling tools
Planting plans – software options explored
Setting out and other plans – CAD advantages
Printing and presentation – scales, dimensions, text and hardware
Illustration tools – colour a plan; photographs and sketches
Internet – drawing exchange and other uses

To break up the week a visit to a chateau is planned, the International Garden Festival at Chaumont being the most popular with designers. This is included in your fees.

By the end of a productive and informative week you will have a much clearer understanding of CAD and how this can be adapted to suit your own business. You will also have seen some of the sights of the region, eaten well and perhaps picked up a few words of French.

Want to know more about CAD ? Click here.

Course cost: £950

Accommodation cost: £490

Arrival: Tuesday pm       Leave: Tuesday am

Dates:   June 2012, October 2012 (other course dates on request)


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