crop production courses

The Garden Design Academy is not just about garden design courses.

We offer a number of crop production courses aimed at the professional and keen amateur who wish to understand the technical and commersial requirements of a range of specific crops.

Courses come with a CD or written notes and students are guided through their learning by Colin Elliott, Course Director and an experienced practical horticulturist.




Our Certificate in Horticulture courses come a variety of flavours and offer the best professional training currently available, providing highly rated general horticultural education alongside modules specific to each crop type.

In 2008 we linked to ACS Distance Education to increase the range of courses we could offer to our clients. Their portfolio covers many subjects and we have been careful to select those in which we can offer unrivaled levels of support and encouragement to students.

Exciting additions to our portfolio as a result of this cooperation include state-of-the-art courses in Aquaponic production, Hydroponics and Permiculture.

We are continually adding high-quality courses to this site; please see the panel to the right for the complete list of crop production courses and click on any that are of interest for more details.


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