turf repair & renovation

One of a series of 100 hour "short" courses from the Garden Design Academy suitable for garden enthusiasts and all those dealing with plants on a professional level.

This course follows on from "Turf Care" and is aimed at home gardeners, landscapers and other turf industry workers.

You will discover how to control even the most chronic of turf diseases and learn the ultimate methods to produce lush, dense, green turf

There are 10 lessons in this course:

  1. Understanding Turf Deterioration - physiological and biological responses.
  2. Repair & Renovation Equipment - use and repair of applicable equipment.
  3. Turf Cultivation Techniques
  4. Health Improvement Techniques -pest control, feeding, watering, etc.
  5. Optimising Turf Usage
  6. Replacing Damaged Turf - techniques for replacement.
  7. Renovation of Degraded Turf - techniques to repair and renovated turf.
  8. Eradicating Turf Weeds
  9. Treating Aeration & Drainage Problems - compaction, etc.
  10. Managing a Turf Nursery.

Thie course provides approximately 100 hours of study. Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the Academy, marked by the Academy's tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments and if necessary, extra reading.

You will be working with Colin Elliott, award-winning garden designer, landscaper, horticulturist and passionate plantsman.

A course specifically designed for people working with turf: in golf courses, specialized gardeners and garden technicians, turf nurseries' personnel and for every gardener that has extensive or delicate turf areas to care for.

The course develops your ability to diagnose and treat problems in turf efficiently.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Compare the characteristics of different turfs with reference to hardiness, pest & disease resistance, tolerance to play, suitability for different applications, etc
  • Explain different turf problems (including; soil problems, pest & disease weed, environmental, etc)
  • Explain the effect of various adverse situations on the physiology of turf plants.
  • Carry out turf consultancy, conducting site inspections and giving appropriate recommendations.
  • Develop solutions for the repair of damaged turf.
  • Identify the cause of deteriorating condition in a selected turf
  • Explain different repair techniques for control of problems identified.
  • Compare different solutions for the problem identified.
  • Develop turf renovation programs for different types of turf facilities.
  • Compare renovation programs for different turf facilities
  • Identify when renovation becomes economically prudent for different facilities .............and lots more!


Turf repair & renovation - Course cost: £ 380

OR two payments of £ 215

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