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The Parks and Gardens UK web site lists over 6,500 parks, gardens and other open spaces and in 2007 ISPAL (The Institute for Sport, Parks and Leisure) formed as the professional membership body for a fast growing, vibrant industry, representing sport, parks and leisure industry professionals.

With the Olympic Games in 2012 allocated over £9 billion the profile of this sector has never been higher and reflects the high regard of the nation for parks and recreation in all its forms.

Many of these services are provided by the 656 local authority organisations but private companies and organisations like the National Trust, National Parks Authorites and the War Graves Commission are amongst thousands of other sector employers.

The Garden Design Academy draws on decades of industry experience to offer a range of courses tailored to the needs of the modern parks, and recreation professional.

We offer training to many sectors of the industry; courses detailed in this section relate specifically to amenity horticulture but additional training may be found in the sections dedicated to Landscaping, Management, Plants and RHS qualifications.

The Garden Design Academy offeris some of the best distance learning training courses available, written and supported by industry professionals who understand your business and training needs.

Working with Colin Elliott, ex Royal Gardener and an experienced professional horticulturist, landscaper and garden designer, these courses are your route to a successful furture in the sports, leisure and amenity industry.

Please note: others courses of interest may be found throughout this web site. Please ask if you are looking for something not listed here.



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