distance learning courses in garden design and landscaping

Great gardens start with an inspirational garden design and are built by a talented landscaper. While many homeowners are happy to muddle along in their garden it is increasingly common for them to turn to the professionals for the services that they can offer - given the right training.

The Garden Design Academy draws on decades of industry experience to offer a range of courses tailored to the needs of the modern professional.

We offer training to both sectors of this vibrant industry. The garden designer should have expertise in the design and layout of gardens and be proficient in the tools needed to produce the plans required by both the client and the landscape contractor.

Knowledge of the building blocks of the garden - both soft and hard landscaping - is essential if the concept is to come to reality. Yet none of this is of use unless the designer can run a sucessful business in the correct way to satisfy the needs of all parties - including the bank manager and tax man!

While often treated as the poor relation of the designer, the landscaper is key to the creation of a fine garden. His (or her) skills and knowledge will turn a creation on paper into the garden the client dreams of. All too often landscapers lack training in some aspects of their chosen craft but this can be addressed by distance learning education.

If you can lay a patio with the best but lack plant knowledge, we can help. Other Garden Design Academy courses look at both horticulture and landscaping in a way which can enhance your expertise and your earning potential.

The Garden Design Academy offeris some of the best distance learning training courses available, written and supported by industry professionals who understand your business and training needs.

Working with Colin Elliott, an experienced professional horticulturist, landscaper and garden designer, these courses are your route to a successful furture in the industry of landscaping and garden design.



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