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This is our advanced course in gardening, which has been producing home garden experts around the world for more than 25 years! Whatever your reason for gardening, this course will help you to garden more efficiently and effectively.

Written by experts in the UK and Australia and updated regularly, it will teach you how to:

  • Grow and identify healthy plants
  • Avoid wasting money - choose plants and materials that give you value
  • Enjoy home gardening with new confidence and passion
  • Identify plant health problems and know treatments.
  • Learn the plant naming system and how plants are classified.
  • Understand the effect of soil structure and texture on plant growth.
  • Use plant terminology fluently.
  • Acquire skills in a range of planting methods.
  • Adapt plant pruning requirements and methods.
  • Study plant nutrition requirements.
  • Understand soil conditions and when they require improvement.
  • Recognise a range of pests and diseases and the methods of control.
  • Recognise a range of weeds and know various control methods.
  • Learn a range of garden styles and the history behind them.
  • Have knowledge of landscape construction techniques.
  • Understand the elements and processes of landscape design.
  • Propagate plants by various methods
  • Understand soil preparation and requirements to establish or renovate a lawn
  • Create a lawn maintenance program.
  • Understand requirements, including environmental and nutritional aspects of growing plants indoors (including hydroponics and greenhouses).
  • Select plants suited to growing indoors.
  • Develop skills in vegetable growing procedures and requirements.
  • Grow a range of fruits and berries suited to the home garden
  • Grow and use a range of common herbs and flowers


When you know what you are doing, your garden is far more likely to be a garden that functions better for you and looks better to you. There are so many benefits to understanding gardening better and this course will save you money when you learn to use plants and materials to their best advantage.

There are 8 units in this course, each made up of two or three lessons :

  1. Basic Plant Identification & Culture
    • Plant names, planting, transplanting & tools.
  2. Soils & Nutrition
    • Soil structure, nutrition, composting, soil building, drainage & fertilisers.
  3. Pests & Weeds
    • Identifying problems, sprays, biological control, weed identification & control.
  4. Landscaping
    • How to design a garden, rockeries, native gardens, traditional (European style) home gardens.
  5. Propagation
    • Propagating materials, seed, cuttings.
  6. Lawns
    • Turf varieties, laying a lawn, lawn care.
  7. Indoor Gardening
    • Hardy indoor plants, container growing.
  8. The Kitchen Garden
    • Vegetable gardening, fruit trees, herbs.

Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the Academy, marked by our tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments and, if necessary, extra reading.

You will be working with Colin Elliott, well known horticulturist and ex-Royal Gardener, who is a passionate plantsman and keen gardener.

During the course you will:

  • Read notes written and supplied by the Garden Design Academy and its international partners.
  • Watch our instructional video.
  • Test and name different soils.
  • Mix inexpensive potting mixes.
  • Make compost and explain how you made it.
  • Learn how to identify plants effectively.
  • Explain step by step how you would go about planting shrubs in your own locality.
  • Explain how to transplant and transport plants from one property to another.
  • Determine the tools required to garden using a limited supply of money.
  • Explain characteristics of soil including: Soil Structure, pH and Nutrient Deficiency
  • Describe how to feed a lawn.
  • Explain how to improve drainage in a soil that is too wet for plants to do well in.
  • Explain how you would improve a specified soil.
  • Identify a nutrient deficiency.
  • Observe and identify different categories of pest and disease problems in growing plants.
  • Compile a weed collection with pressings or illustrations of different weeds.
  • Compile a plant collection with pressings or illustrations of different garden plants.
  • Describe how environmental problems affect plants.
  • Recommend ways of controlling different types of problems in plants, using both natural and chemical methods.
  • Observe and evaluate different types of gardens.
  • Survey a garden in order to prepare a garden design.
  • Apply a systematic procedure to landscape design, in order to produce a concept plan for a garden.
  • Explain mistakes have you observe in the design and construction of different rockeries.
  • Build a simple cold frame and use it to propagate plants.
  • Prepare a propagating mix which would be suitable for striking most types of cuttings.
  • Propagate different plants from cuttings.
  • Prepare a plan for sowing annual flower seedlings over a 12 month period.
  • Evaluate and explain a lawn seed mix from the packaging of that mix.
  • Observe different lawns and recommend their treatment.
  • Explain how to establish a lawn.
  • Observe and evaluate the condition of different indoor plants.
  • Recommend the treatment of different indoor plants.
  • Prepare lists of indoor plants for different applications.
  • Find an indoor plant which needs potting up & pot it up.
  • Plant a vegetable patch.
  • List fruit, nuts & berries most suited for growing in your locality.
  • Observe the way in which herbs are used commercially (eg. in medicine, cooking, etc)
  • Explain why crop rotation is used in growing vegetables.

Become the gardening expert of your family with this comprehensive home gardening course.
It contains hundreds of pages of notes, hundreds of photos and illustrations and large numbers of automated self assessment tests.  
The CD contains over 100 hours of work in eight units, each comprising 2 or 3 lessons and each of which involves both reading and practical work. 


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