Green walls and green roof gardening

Green walls, vertical gardens and living walls - all names for the new vertical growing techniques which are gradually changing our urban environment and the way we garden. The subject of much research by universities and companies in the UK and elsewhere, green roofs have a big impact on biodiversity in cities.

According to the Green Roof Organisation, green space is increasingly being seen as an important part of helping our cities to adapt and mitigate for the effects of climate change. Green roofs, living roofs and brown roofs are and will be an increasingly important technology. The ecosystem benifits that are provided by green roofs and living roofs will be especially important in regard a reduction in the Urban Heat Island [our summers are predicted to get much hotter] and to help reduce the impact of flash summer storms that are predicted to increase as the climate changes. Biodiverse green roofs will also provide an important refuge for wildlife in the UK urban environment.

Green walls are essentially a living, and therefore self-regenerating, cladding system using climbing plants. Whilst climbers have been used traditionally on buildings for centuries, modern methods using high-tensile steel cables have enabled the concept to be used far more adventurously. Contemporary architecture is also more suitable in many ways for facade greening than traditional buildings. With suitable species selection, heights of up to 25m can be attained additionally if plants can be grown in large irrigated containers at height, then even greater heights can be reached.

This course comes in nine lessons and includes approximately 100 hours of tutored study. It is ideal for those working or proposing to work in landscaping, garden design or plant growing.

Working with Colin Elliott, an experienced professional garden designer and long-time advocate of green cultural techniques, this CD-based course provides the information you need to make the jump into this new avenue in garden and environmental design.

The 9 lessons are outlined below:
1         Scope & nature of Roof and Vertical Gardens
2         Construction of functional and appropriate Vertical and Roof Gardens
3         Climbing plants and suitable structures
4         Plants suited to Roof and Vertical Gardens
5         Adaptation of other plants in Roof and Vertical Gardens
6         Container growing
7         Maintenance – watering & pest control
8         Landscape applications – Roof Gardens
9         Landscape applications – Vertical gardens; surfacings

Each lesson ends with assignments to test your knowledge and reinforce your learning; these are sent to your tutor for marking and comments.


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