certificate in horticulture: viticulture

A distance learning programme providing effective training for those working or wishing to work in grape and wine production.

We run a number of different Certificates in Horticulture, all with the same essential horticultural science modules but each with lessons aimed at a particular industry sector. They form an excellent basis for the education of our future experts and professionals.

The Garden Design Academy Certificate in Horticulture (Viticulture) provides approximately 700 hours of study in 30 modules, 15 of which are specific to the Viticulture industry.

Based in the French Touraine wine production district and with Marie-Chanta'ls family connections in Bordeaux, we take a particular interest in this course. It was developed by an international team of experts, giving relevence throughout the wine growing world.

Working with Colin Elliott, an experienced professional hoticulturist, this CD-based course provides the information you need to make the jump into a career in wine-grape production.

The 30 lessons are outlined as follows:

Core subjects:

  1. Introduction To Plants
  2. Parts of the Plant
  3. Plant Culture - Planting
  4. Plant Culture - Pruning
  5. Plant Culture - Irrigation and Machinery 1
  6. Soils and Media
  7. Soils and Nutrition
  8. Seeds and Cuttings
  9. Other Techniques
  10. ID and Use of Plants - Landscape Application
  11. ID and Use of Plants - Problems
  12. ID and Use of Plants - Indoor/tropical plants
  13. Pests
  14. Diseases
  15. Weeds

Crop specific lessons:

  1. Introduction To Viticulture
  2. Introduction To Grapevines
  3. Propagation Of Grapevines
  4. Improving Grape Quality
  5. Climate & Other Factors In Siting Vineyards
  6. Grape Varieties & Selection
  7. Establishing A Vineyard
  8. Harvest & Post-harvest Handling
  9. Managing A Vineyard
  10. Machinery & Equipment
  11. Irrigation
  12. Plant Nutrition
  13. Agricultural Chemicals
  14. Supervision
  15. Increasing Efficiency

Each lesson ends with assignments to test your knowledge and reinforce your learning; these are sent to your tutor for marking and comments.

A excellent and comprehesive course of study from the Garden Design Academy for those serious about progressing in this vibrant industry.


Course cost: £ 1,200 (single payment)

OR 2 payments of £ 640

OR 4 payments of £345

Payment Method

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