advanced diploma in horticulture (parks and recreaction)

The basis of a successful career in Parks and Recreation.

This course provides training for people to work in the management and development of recreation and park facilities and services. It is relevant to all types of situations including municipal parks, national parks, tourist parks, commercial landscapes, resorts, etc.

The course is designed to improve your employment prospects in the following fields: Parks Superintendent, Head Ranger, Parks Manager, Technical Officer, Park Interpretation Officer, Recreation Facility Manager, Vocational Trainer. It is written to satisfy all relevant competencies for accreditation through the International Accreditation and Recognition Council.

The Advanced Diploma is the equivelent of three years of full-time study and has a nominal duration of 2,500 hours. Students study at their own pace however and will complete the course according to their abilities, workload and family committments.

The Advanced Diploma in Horticulture includes core studies and electives. Core modules are compulsory, electives are chosen to suit your particular specialisation or work needs. The complete course includes the following:



  • Biochemistry (Plants)
  • Computer Studies
  • Business Studies
  • Instructional Skills
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Horticulture I
  • Arboriculture I
  • Turf Care
  • Irrigation
  • Playground Design I
  • Recreation Marketing
  • Recreation Management-Human Resources
  • Recreation Management -Financial/Clerical

b) ELECTIVES (8) selected from:

  • Landscaping I,
  • Landscaping II, 
  • Recreation Facility Management I,
  • Recreation Facility Management II,
  • Amenity Horticulture I
  • Amenity Horticulture II
  • Sports Turf Management,
  • Recreation Management -Policies & Procedures,
  • Plant Protection,
  • Engineering I,
  • Soil Management,
  • Irrigation Management,
  • Horticulture II;
    and more!

    Students are expected to attain a Senior First Aid Certificate during the course of their studies.

Two workshops of 100 hrs (or equivalent). We can provide documentation that specifies what is required so that students can attend these anywhere in the world. Ask for further information.

Attendance at conferences, seminars, etc totalling 100 hrs

Two projects (2 X 100 hrs), dealing with different aspects of the workplace.

Study sequence.
The core modules are to be completed first. Beyond that it is possible for you to determine your order of studies.


  1. Fees cover all tuition and Academy texts.
    They do not include the cost of any Industry workshops, conferences or seminars which are attended. Additional reading materials may be suggested but are not included in the fees.
  2. Course fees does not include exam fees.

Each lesson ends with assignments to test your knowledge and reinforce your learning; these are sent to your tutor at the Garden Design Academy for marking and comments.

You will be working with Colin Elliott, ex Royal Gardener and an experienced professional horticulturist, landscaper and garden designer.

This course will help graduates develop knowledge of the industry at both a global and local level.

Advanced Diploma in Horticulture (Parks and Recreaction)

Course cost: £7,950 (bank transfer payments only)

OR three payments of £2,915

OR six payments of £1,605

Please ask for details of payment terms.

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