advanced certificate in applied mangement - (arboriculture)

Arboriculture is an exciting horticulture sector focusing on the care and culture of trees. This course allows you to specialise in arboriculture while learning how to manage the business side of arboriculture operations.

This 900 hour course is for managers and supervisors of workers in arboriculture. It consists of 7 modules plus a 200 hr workplace project.

There are 4 core units common to all variants of the Advanced Certificate in Applied Management and three specialist units of study relating to the selection and culture of plants, with an emphasis on trees. The core studies cover office practices, business operations, management and marketing.

The Garden Design Academy is run by experienced horticulturalists passionate about passing on their knowledge to a new generation. It draws on decades of industry experience to offer a range of courses tailored to the needs of the modern professional.

The course develops the knowledge and skills needed to work as a manager or supervisor in the arboriculture industry and provides essential background training in plant identification, selection and care.

The Advanced Certificate requires successful completion of each of the following 7 modules. It consists of three parts, including the following modules:

Part 1 (Core units):

Office Practices
Develops basic office skills covering use of equipment, communication systems (telephone, fax, etc) and office procedures such as filing, security, workplace organisations, etc. 

Business Operations
Develops knowledge of basic business operations and procedures (eg. types of businesses, financial management, business analysis, staffing, productivity, etc) and the skills to develop a 12 month business plan.

Develops knowledge of management structures, terminology, supervision, recruitment and workplace health and safety.

Marketing Foundations.
Develops a broad understanding of marketing and specific skills in writing advertisements, undertaking market research, developing an appropriate marketing plan and selling.

Part 2 (Arboriculture stream):

1. Arboriculture I

There are eight lessons in this module, as follows:

1. Introduction To Arboriculture

2. Tree Biology

3. Soils In Relation To Trees

4. Diagnosing Tree Problems

5. Tree Surgery

6. Pruning Of Trees

7. Arboricultural Equipment

8. Workplace Health & Safety.

2. Arboriculture II

There are 7 lessons as follows:

1. Planting Techniques

2. Controlling Plant Problems

3. Strengthening Weak Trees

4. Controlling Damage Caused by Plants

5. Tree Felling & Stump Removal

6. Tolerant Plant Species

7. Establishing a Tree Plantation

3. Trees for Rehabilitation

There are ten lessons are as follows...

1.  Approaches To Land Rehabilitation

2.  Ecology Of Soils And Plant Health

3.  Introduction To Seed Propagation Techniques

4.  Propagation And Nursery Stock.

5.  Dealing With Chemical Problems

6.  Physical Plant Effects On Degraded Sites      

7.  Plant Establishment Programs

8.  Hostile Environments

9.  Plant Establishment Care 

10. Rehabilitating Degraded Sites

Part 3 - Project:

A workplace project of 200 hrs relevant to your field of study. The project specifically aims to provide the student with the opportunity to apply and integrate skills and knowledge developed through various areas of formal study.

Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the Academy, marked by the Academy's tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading.

Working with Colin Elliott, an experienced professional horticulturist with extensive industry experience, these courses are your route to a successful furture in arboriculture at a management level.

Advanced Certificate in Apllied Management (Arboriculture)

Course cost: £ 1,650 (single payment)

OR 2 payments of £ 880

OR 3 payments of £ 635

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